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Navigating through the vast landscape of our goals, dreams, and desires can often feel overwhelming. It is in these moments that we can turn to the practice of hypnotherapy to help us connect with our inner resources and find empowerment within ourselves.

My passion is to bring hypnotherapy together with the energy healing of Reiki and Huna, creating a powerful space for inner connection, transformation, and healing.

woman spreading her arms
woman spreading her arms

"Let's plant some seeds together"

"The unconscious is where patterns are created, and where they can be changed as well"

Hello, I'm Natalie

I offer hypnotherapy online, as well as in person in Grimsby, Ontario

Working with hypnotherapy has been an essential part of my own healing, growth, and understanding. It has moved me into a deeper relationship with beliefs, thought and possibility, and it has given me that gift of being able to hold the space for another person through their own exploration within.

I have explored, and experienced many ways in supporting the process of change, growth, and healing within my own life journey, always having had a calling within myself for a deeper understanding. Working with these resources as well as hypnotherapy has taught me, just how important my connection with my body, mind, and spirit is, and that single source of power within myself is a collaboration of all of these parts.

''I believe that we each cary great gifts and creative resources with ourselves", and it really is about connecting, and understanding them more fully. We can do this by working together, meeting our emotions, our feelings and thoughts about them, from a place of curious openness. And within this process, what begins to unfold, unravel, and dissipate are those old belief systems. There was a time in our lives when those beliefs kept us safe, but are now getting in the way of how we view and experience our world, our selves, our relationships, and our goals. Those beliefs are within the unconscious, they are not run by the conscious mind, and the way to change them is to work in harmony with the unconscious, conscious and our higher conscious together.

My joy is in working with people who are longing for a deeper relationship within themselves,

and a willingness to move into that place of discovery, curiosity, vulnerability, openness

and connection.

"It is not the things themselves which trouble us, but our opinions that we have about those things."


J o u r n e y

I n w a r d ...

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful creative resource to greater possibilities.

My training in Hypnosis is based on the Milton Erickson approach, it is a very specific form of hypnosis. Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy uses indirect suggestion, metaphor and story telling to support and open the way for new perspectives, rather than direct suggestion. Ericksonian therapy is a perspective of learning, healing, and growth that fosters flexibility in an ongoing adaptive way. Within the the Ericksonian approach to hypnotherapy we are reminded that every person is unique and that there is no one formula. Being open, acknowledging and connecting with the innate resources within each individual is a deeply important step towards real healing and growth. Hypnosis offers us a creative space to be in relationship with the unconscious as well as the conscious mind. We begin by becoming aware of what it truly is we are wanting and really connecting with that, bringing more clarity and understanding to what that really is. We can then begin to explore those things that seem to be getting in the way of these goals. When we begin to open to a deeper understanding of what that is we can begin to open to reconnecting with those resources within us that may have lost there way throughout our childhoods, and in that connection and understanding we can begin to free these parts of us and reconnect them back to their true purpose, which is to live life to it's fullest from a deeply heart centred place, honouring, connecting, and loving all that we are.

Some of the benefits that

can be receive through

hypnotherapy are :

  • Deep relaxation

  • A deeper connection with the body and the breath.

  • Easing anxiety

  • Pain control

  • Behaviour changes

  • Creating space for possibility

  • Resolving inner conflict

  • Supporting creative expression

  • Opening to new thought, ideas, and guidance

  • Bringing clarity to uncertainty

    Healing is a journey, its hills and valleys, it is a place of discovery, inner reflection, compassion, patience, kindness, love and courage.

If you are feeling called to really connect with your body, mind, and spirit, and are feeling pulled to explore what it is that you truly want in your life, this could be a path worth exploring.

I am here to hold space, and to be with you through your experiencing, healing comes from within and every person begins to really empower themselves, when they make that decision to get to know every part of who they are. When we open the space to leave out judgements and just explore, all experiencing begins to unravel in new ways. And within these new ways we begin to understand, move into relationship and heal those parts of us that have been holding us back from who we are truly meant to be.

We all have many healing journey's to explore in this life time and there are many ways to be fully present in that journey, and this is one of those ways to really meet yourself and explore, opening space for creativity and healing.

If you have a creative spirit, a deep curiosity and love for story, and the world of wonder and possibility, this could be the right path for you.

Who might truly benefit from this experience ...

Could this be the right path for you?

It's not about knowing, it's about our relationship and understanding within ourselves.

H y p n o t h e r a p y s e r v i c e s

In person

1 on 1 - Hypnotherapy session

Individual hypnotherapy

75 minutes - $ 95.00

1 on 1 - hypnotherapy sessions from the comfort of your own home. All you need is zoom and a comfy private place !

75 minutes - $95.00


Individual hypnotherapy

Is hypnotherapy right for you ?

One time

E n e r g y H e a l i n g

Individual Reiki Healing energy session

90 minutes - $ 95.00

I am offering special rate for first time clients

90minutes - $65.00

Available in person or distant healing

Discovery session

30 minutes - Free for a limited time

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Natalie is a skilled and gifted healing practitioner. With a deep wisdom and gentle grace, she masterfully allows each session to unfold in whatever way and timing best suits the individual client. At no point does she attempt to ‘fix’ anyone or impose a ready-made solution. Rather, she simply guides people to explore their own inner knowing with compassionate questions, active listening, and considered feedback. The environment she creates, whether in-person or virtually, is one of trust and safety. I highly recommend you accept Natalie's invitation to deepen your relationship with yourself."


"I hope sharing my hypnosis experience will encourage others to schedule some time to meet with Natalie. She is insightful, and lucid, she has helped me to see myself as a strong person, and to not let myself be defined by childhood limitations. Being able to talk with her, she understood, and helped guide me to really be able to move through those limitations . The sessions I have had with her have made a significant impact. Most of all, she gave me more confidence in finding my voice and using it to improve situations when needed. I recommend Natalie to anyone who wants to achieve goals in their life.”


The Hypnosis session begins with an intention and ends with a fresh sense of the world and a set of personalized new tools for self mastery, continuing from this new place of awareness. Through a guided meditation, Natalie provides a safe, warm environment for a gentle journey into self discovery. The hypnosis is deep and powerful, and active, there is a dialog with self and an opportunity to take a new look at situations, people, animals to regain freedom of thought from fear, anxiety, anger, blame, melancholy. The experience stays with me, because it was my mind constructing and then reconstructing the scenarios to release any limitations. Thank you Natalie!


My sessions with Natalie were absolutely exquisite. The powerful landscapes of hypnotherapy that she created really spoke to the depths of my unconscious. I often felt renewed, nourished, and inspired by these sessions. Even months after our time together, I still often think of the beautiful imagery that she offered to me.


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Natalie McCullough

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