How our breath carries us into our inward connection, back to our POWER

Being guided by our Breath

11/2/20235 min read

In hypnotherapy, one of the quickest ways to bring someone back into the present moment, back into their body, into that place of relaxation and inward connection is with the b r e a t h.

"Make an Island of yourself, make yourself your refuge;

There is no other refuge

Make truth your island, make truth your refuge, there is no other refuge"

A quote from Vipassana

Breathing is an automatic function of the body that is controlled by the respiratory centre of the brain. When we feel stressed, our breathing rate and pattern changes as part of the fight or flight response.

Fortunately we have the POWER to deliberately change our own breathing. There have been scientific studies that have shown controlling our breath can help manage stress, and stress related conditions. And now coming more and more forward in the world of awareness and healing, are practices, and techniques, to experience this POWER for our selves.

There are so many types of breathing techniques and practices to explore, taking a curious investigative journey can guide you in many directions, so as part of that curious journey, I thought I would share some of the ways I have experienced breath work. I would have to say I began my real awareness to breath work in 2014, when I attended a ten day vipassana sitting. "It was an experience I will always carry with me."

Let me share a little bit about vipassana. The word Vipassana means" to see things as they are". It is one of Indias most ancient meditation techniques. It holds to a great belief, that our connection to our breath is the path to purification, and into the awakened state. The practice of Vipassana meditation involves following the principles of Dhamma/Dharma, the universal law of nature. It involves walking on the noble eight fold path which is broadly categorized into Sila (Mortality) Samadhi (concentration)and Panna (Wisdom and Insight).

And if I may in simpler explanation, share a little of my experience with you. It was ten days of being in connection to breath as it moved through the body, Vipassana is not only about the breath but it does play a big role in being in awareness of all that is, without being in a place of aversion or cravings towards thoughts feeling or emotions. It is very much about gaining control over the unruly mind, and bringing it into focused clarity. It was ten full days of, oh yes I almost forgot to also mention NO TALKING, I have to admit when I share that part with people, they tend to become less interested. For me It was very interesting and I didn't mind it at all. You are completely pulled you away from all distractions, no writing, no reading, no stimulation what so ever, just meditation, and being with the breath. The centre that I was at was set on a beautiful piece of land with paths to walk within the natural setting, we were given breaks throughout the day to stretch our legs and get some fresh air, and our meals were healthy simple meals breakfast and lunch.

Of coarse meeting that place of quiet stillness is not an easy one, our vipassana teacher took us, step by step, through the ten day process while moving through hills and valleys of emotion. It was challenging, but also very rewarding, and something, I do plan to do again.

Vipassana really brings you into the moment, into pure awareness.

Huna prayer techniques also work with the breath.

Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning "secret", and is also referred to sometimes as Kalakupua it shares some similarities with shamanic traditions throughout the world. Huna originated in Hawaii, and over time has become known and valued around the world. The traditional Kupua was a healer of mind, body, and relationships. Huna 's guided specific principles provide a powerful approach to empowerment in ways in which we can shape our experiences to bring more Joy and Healing.

The seven principles of HUNA

The world is what we think it is.

There are no limits.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Now is the moment of power.

Love is to be happy with.

All power comes from within.

Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

Huna prayer is very connected with breath as well as the seven principles, in the teaching and understanding that Breath is Mana," Life Force Energy", and through our breath we create Mana, "Life Force Energy" to vitalize our prayers and intentions.

The way these breaths are done is in counts of four, as your taking in your first breath you begin to count :

one, two, three, four

then hold for a count of four, one two ,three, four

then release the breath to a count of four

You can do ten breaths then take a break and repeat that series four times

Huna breath work is a beautiful way to feel grounded, very present and in a place of power.

Huna was a gift in my life, a friend of mine teaches Huna, and on one of my birthdays she gifted me the course. It was one of the most generous, and lovely gifts, someone could have shared with me. It was a very magical experience, and has become a big part of my way of living, and being.

Wim Hof Breath work

Another great breath work practice is with Wim Hof, he offers breath work videos on utube, he has long practices, and also very nice quick ten minute breath work videos that are easy to follow. You can find quite a bit of great information on Wim Hoff, including his story and his breath work practices . He is someone worth learning more about, if you are interested in breath work.

I his breath work exercises, you take 30 breaths one right after another, then release your last breath, and hold your breath for any where from one minute to three or four, then you take a deep breath in hold for fifteen seconds and release, this can be done in a series of three or more.

Wim Hoff, breath work is very invigorating and grounding.

Qi gong is a beautiful practice of body and breath movements, for those who need to take things a little slower but still need to move, Qi Gong is another wonderful practice to look into. I first experienced Qi Gong with friends during covid, we were all meeting in the morning down by the water to watch the sunrise while doing Qi Gong, it was such a wonderful gift at that time, One of our friends had been learning Qi Gong and felt called to open an invitation for us all to come together, and it worked out beautifully.

I have been able to keep Qi Gong as part of my routine and even on occasion, still been able to get together with friends for morning practice .

Qi Gong really give you this sense of fluidity, it slows you down, teaching you how to connect the breath with the body through gentle movement.

These are only a few examples of what is available out there, and hopefully sharing a bit of my experience with breath work, will inspire you to get curious and take your own journey into the practice of Breath Work, taking you on a journey Inward, and Claiming Your POWER.

Reconnecting with your inner self